Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technology which helps the machine to adopt human intelligence. It is programmed in such a way so that the device can simulate human intelligence and mimic their following actions: speech recognition, planning, thinking, learning, reasoning, decision making, problem-solving, knowledge, representation, motion, pattern recognition, manipulation and to some extent social intelligence and creatively. It is the magical discovery of science which changes modern life magically.

                       Nowadays, AI has become an integral part of every day’s modern life. It assists every area of everyday lives whether anyone is searching in google, shopping through an e-commerce site, reading e-mails, get driving direction or seeing the movie through Netflix.AI is blissful for modern life. There are other applications where AI is being used successfully, like in Google speech recognition, chatbots, Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, self-driving cars, Navigation and Travel, Smartphones, Virtual Assistants (Siri).

It is widely used in speech recognition, the Health sector, the Account department, Banking, Personalize Speech, Robotics, etc

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Advantages of AI

Can do a monotonous job

It is possible to use artificial intelligence to automate repetitive tasks. It can eliminate the monotonous job by freeing up the human form there. For example, in the accounting sector, like banks, AI-built machines learn the accounting codes that best suit every invoice in the paying and the receiving process.


The word "human error" was born, and from start to end, humans make errors. AI technology does not make such errors if they are correctly designed.

Daily life depended on the AI

All the applications whatever we are using daily, all are AI-based applications. As the news in the TOI application, Google, making a phone call, replying mail, Google map all are AI-based technology. So, our daily lives entirely depended on the AI technology.

Never resting

It does not sleep. Can tirelessly work on 24 X 7 without taking the single break. But human needs an interval of at least 8 to 9 hours to prepare and refresh for the next phase of work. But AI can work 24 X 7 without getting bore or making any mistakes.

Reduces the risks in work

This is one of Artificial Intelligence's most significant benefits. By designing an AI robot, we can solve several hazardous human limitations.


The most significant discovery in the AI technology for the business purpose is the chat bots. It gives support to the customer’s any query related to the business anytime and anywhere without having human interference.

Future of AI technology

The beauty of technology lies when technology is successfully adopted by society. The beauty of modern life lies when all community will update themselves with technology, then only the magical change will happen. AI is a technology which will give promising opportunities to every sector. 

There is practically no big industry that has not already shaped modern AI. Thanks to robust IoT connectivity, data collection and analysis has significantly improved. Some industries are at the beginning of their journey through AI, and others are frequent travellers.

Career in AI

There are lots of opportunities in AI technology

Business Intelligence Developer

Data Scientist

Big data Engineer

AI data analyst

Machine Learning Engineer

AI is changing the modern lifestyle. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are going to be habituated with that. In every sector also changes occur with the reducing cost and increasing productivity.
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