Augmented and Virtual Reality

The world is moving very faster than ever before with the new realities – Virtual and Augmented. It is becoming harder to keep pace with the day to day technological advancements. At any given time there are a plethora of new technologies to keep eye on, especially for the investors. It is a part of the investor’s job to know the next big thing. One of the things that the investors are dependent on is heavily investing in Augmented and Virtual Reality. Today’s generation spends most of their time in front of screens, be it a laptop, cellphone or Television. These gadgets have become a big part of our lives. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two technologies that are changing the way people use screens, creating new and exciting experiences, both in a different ways.

Augmented Reality:

The use of technology to superimpose information — sounds, images, and text — over the world we view is known as Augmented Reality. In the etymological origin of the word, Augment is from the Latin word which means to add or increase. It does not cut out the real world but rather it has an enhancement of the real world where there is a mix of the real world with virtual objects which creates beauty. That is why it is sometimes referred to as Mixed Reality. Augmented Reality is when a people real-world is supplemented or augmented by computer-generated virtual pictures. Augmented Reality can manipulate objects and can create a whole new environment.

Virtual Reality:

Emerging one into a different world – the Virtual world is the key concept of Virtual Reality. The use of computer technology to create a simulated environment of which all have become a part and can live that experience. The sensorama was a machine that is one of the earliest examples of immersive multi-sensory technology and is considered by many as a sort of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality, in contrast to traditional user interfaces, immerses the user in an experience.

Difference between Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality can be thought of as virtual reality with one foot in the real world. Virtual Reality produces an artificial environment to inhabit, while Augmented Reality simulates artificial objects in the actual world.

Scope of Augmented Reality:

The scope in augmented reality is limitless; individuals only need to recognise them and take advantage of them in a way that benefits them. Every aspect of life has been touched by augmented reality.  Education, health and medical, gaming, marketing, and advertising are the key industries that have high scope for Augmented Reality. 

  • With augmented reality gadgets, the marketing and advertising industries will explode. Advanced GPS systems, face recognition and every inch of these sectors need Augmented Reality.
  • With augmented reality in place, the education business will be greatly impacted. Students will find augmented reality to be a fascinating setting in which to  learn and understand difficult ideas. It also makes learning more engaging and interactive.
  • Gamification is the process of incorporating game aspects into mundane and uninteresting tasks to make them more entertaining and engaging while also facilitating quick and easy comprehension.

Scope of Virtual Reality:


Surgery simulation, phobia treatment, robotic surgery, and skills training are all examples of virtual reality applications in the healthcare sector. With its unique qualities, it allows healthcare workers to learn new skills as well as improve on existing ones while maintaining a safe atmosphere for patients.


In the context of education, virtual reality enables huge groups of students to engage with one another while also being immersed in a three-dimensional world.  In today’s environment, children are familiar with a wide range of technology and have grown up with it from an early age, and unlike adults, they have no qualms about using it. As a result, virtual reality will be used as one of the multiple forms of technology to educate tomorrow’s technological elite.

Movie/ Entertainment

Virtual Reality is used in today’s films to transform the implausible into something that appears to be completely genuine. Three-dimensional films are extremely popular among today’s youth. After watching three-dimensional movies, one should be familiar with the concept of a person exploring and interacting with objects in a virtual world. Since then, technology has advanced, and the experience is likely to be even better than that shown in the film.

Benefits to the industry:

Future of AR and VR:

The market for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in 2022 is expected to go as high as 250 billion dollars. In the future, virtual and augmented reality technologies will be consolidated into two types: tethered systems and standalone units. Experiences will be provided by future Augment and Virtual Reality devices.  As these factors take hold, a platform transition is on the horizon.

A career in AR and VR:

To suffice in one line, almost all fields requires an Augmented and Virtual Reality expert. To name a few career options for someone who knows AR and VR are- Software Developers, Design and Graphic Engineers, Product Managers, XR Gameplay and tool engineer, Accounting, Auditing and Finance, Business development manager etc.

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