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If you know the Tool ... We give you the rest

How many of the job listings say something along the lines of “Knowledge in seating a strong advantage”? Or “Knowledge in Plastic Interior/exterior is a must”?

Gone are the days when all you needed was to pick up “generic Software skills” (i.e. 2D to 3D conversion, Drafting, Remastering).
These days, to get into a Dream career of Product Design Engineering a firm, you definitely need domain knowledge.

Check out our Domain Specific Programs.



When comes to Automotive Product Designing, there are vast variety of domains you can specialize and work on. We offer plastic interior/exterior expert, seating expert, and lighting expert Design Programs in CAD where we will train you through Automotive Design Projects.

Eligibility: – Fresher/ experienced holding B.E/ B.Tech or Diploma or M.E/ M.Tech and – CIPET, NTTF, CTTC, CITD….etc in Mech/Aero/ Automobile/ Production/ Industrial.


Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great

Sheet metal Product

  • Sheet metal process
  • Sheet metal Press
  • Sheet metal Gauges
  • Sheet metal operations
  • Sheet metal material
  • Sheet metal development length calculation
  • Sheet metal allowance
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Sheet metal design consideration
  • Sheet metal best model practices

Plastic Product Design

  • Plastic types
  • Plastic Material
  • Plastic manufacturing process
  • Plastic Design parameters
  • Draft study
  • Study Undercut, parting lines
  • Study and design of B side feature
  • Design and Manufacturing defects
  • Design approach
  • Plastic design consideration
  • Plastic best model practices

Casting Product Design

  • Casting types
  • Casting Material
  • Casting manufacturing process
  • Casting Design parameters
  • Draft study
  • Riser Design
  • Gating System Design
  • Casting defects
  • Types of Pattern
  • Design approach
  • Casting design consideration
  • Casting best model practices

Interior & Exterior Trims

  • Plastic Product Design
  • Plastic design consideration
  • Tooling direction study
  • Master section study
  • Trims Methodology
  • Power copy methodology
  • Style surface Study
  • Plastic feature study
  • Design Guidelines for Interior & Exterior Trims
  • Manufacturing and Assembly Guidelines
  • GD&T and Tolerance Guidelines
  • Modeling Best practices
  • Style replacement
  • Hand Calculation
  • Solid and Surfacing Remastering

Body In White (BIW)

  • BIW Terminology
  • Joining Technologies
  • Material Study
  • Component study
  • Working Methodology
  • Reinforcement Methodology
  • Flange and Feature Methodology
  • Rolling and Blanking Processes
  • S tamping Process
  • Manufacturability Guidelines
  • General Principles For Body Panels
  • Body Welding For Easy Manufacturability
  • Considerations For Product Design

Electric Wiring Harness

  • Assembly Approaches
  • Harness Methodology
  • Components Selections
  • Routine Design Consideration
  • Component design methodology
  • Mounting brackets and clip, clamp creation
  • Mechanical to Electrical conversion
  • Manufacturing and flattening process
  • Manufacturing drawing for Harness
  • Bill Of Material, Splice chart, address chart



  • Seating Terminology
  • Classification of Seating System
  • Seat Designing Guidelines
  • Process of Designing
  • Classification of Rear Seating
  • Ergonomics Study in Automotive
  • Seating Standards

Jig and Fixture Design

  • BIW welding Fixtures
  • Fixture Design for General Industries
  • Inspection Fixtures and Gauges
  • Manual Fixtures
  • Electro-Pneumatic Fixtures
  • Gripper and Tackle Design
  • Conveyor Design
  • Pallets/Bins/Magazines Design
  • 2D and 3D Layout
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